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onCE For A long timE

once upon a time,a man love you for a long time 从前,有一个男人爱你很久


很久以前 希望我的回答能够帮到你,不懂的再问! 祝你学习进步,天天快乐。O(∩_∩)O

as much在这里,是一个省略的用法,这一部分完整的写法应该是: ....writers are not read as much as when they are alive, once they have been dead. 很多地道的英语表达,反而不是特别注重语法的完整体现,所以这里不用钻牛角尖,你可以粗糙...

51. paid 52. however 53. (to) repair 54. a 55. because 56. is thrown 57. in 58. left 59. what 60. where 略

歌曲名:Once In A Life Time (Live in Gwinnett, GA) 歌手:Keith Urban 专辑:Get Closer "Once In A Lifetime" I can see it in your eyes, And feel it your touch. I know that you’re scared, But you’ve never been this loved. It’s a long...

Sarah Brightman ---Once In A Lifetime Cuando anochezca Te esperare Quiero volverte loco esta noche Con la luna llena Te esperare Hoy Moriras entre mis brazos Nunca sonaste algo igual Let me dive in To pools of sin Wet black lea...

Once upon a time,there was a king who ruled a prosperous country.One day,he went for a trip to some distant areas of his country.When he wai back to his palace,he complained that his feet were very painful,because it was the fi...




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